We all experience high and low days, but it is important not to build a house on the low days and prepare to take up residence there. Things happen that can send us into a down ward spiral; before we know it, we have built a house, are in the wrong neighborhood, and having a block party with uninvited guests like shame and fear. 

There are various life issues that have happened to both me and you that have caused us, as women, to doubt our very core. We all have read the story of Adam and Eve and say things like, “I would have NEVER messed up the opportunity to chill with God on that level… the nerve of them!” The reality is that you and I have a garden experience in our daily lives, but don’t recognize its beauty because we are chasing what we already have. If you are struggling with the opinions of people, this should put your mind at ease: God did not consult anyone but Himself when He decided to create you and I. Genesis 2:18 says, “And the Lord God said, It is not good that the man should be alone; I will make him an help meet for him.” (KJV).

 Although the verse references it, Adam was not actually alone. He had God and all the animals in the garden, so how was he alone? With everything God had created, Adam could have easily preoccupied himself and never even noticed that something was missing, but God knew. God is omniscient, meaning He knows everything and has unlimited understanding. He is also not limited by time or space. He has seen every high and every low situation before it knocks at your door. One thing that I struggled with for years was wondering if anyone saw the let downs in life that broke my spirit. You yourself might currently have those struggles that are weighing you down. Let me encourage you by saying this; He sees and He knows. I know it does not seem that way at times. He was able to foresee that Adam would need a companion without Adam even being able to articulate the words for a need he wasn't even aware he had. For every woman reading this, know that you were a dream in God’s heart. When He looked at what He had created, He decided that the finishing touch would be YOU. Our nature to compete with each other and men was never in his plan. We can rest assured in the fact that the first time God uttered the words “It is not good…” that we were birthed in His heart to be the solution, to be the good. You are NOT a mistake. You were put on this earth for a purpose. God knew the world would need you even if THEY (whoever your “they” is comprised of) doesn't know it yet. You have a place in God’s plan. If you have any questions about His plan for your life or struggle with doubt (like I personally do sometimes) just ask Him.

 At times, I have compromised my garden experience with God by having conversations with things I am supposed to have dominion over. We sometimes find ourselves taking counsel or holding the words of others to a higher regard than God’s word. My advice to you in this season is to guard your heart and your ears from the lies of the enemy. Focus on all the beauty that God has surrounded you with and all the trees you can benefit from rather than focusing on the one you cannot have. I desire to be like God and look just like him, but I would rather rely on him for the knowledge and wisdom to obtain that goal than trying to do it on my own. I would rather seek his definition of beauty, than what I see in magazines. So today, quiet the lies of the enemy, surrender, and let God be the voice of truth.

You are Enough, 

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