Photo Credit: Willow Harville @ Willowdyln

Photo Credit: Willow Harville @ Willowdyln

Queen was born and raised in Cameroon, West Africa. Both her upbringing and background have afforded her the opportunity to understand diversity and relate to people from different nationalities and walks of life. In ministry, Queen is known best for her real and passionate application of God’s Word and bringing stories in the Bible to life. Her passion and knowledge of storytelling has afforded her the opportunity to coach others to unpack their stories and to share with relevance. She holds the belief that every person is created uniquely with a worthy story and purpose; she enjoys partnering with others and watching God’s plan unfold in their lives.

She is a graduate of UT Tyler and Liberty University, holds a Master’s of Arts in Human Services and has a background in the following fields; Mental health, IDD (Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities), Substance Abuse, and Life Coaching.

Queen is the founder of Open Seat, a gathering for women focused on community and stories.

She is married to her best friend, Rickie Smith, and together they have a beautiful daughter. Queen and her family currently reside in the Dallas area.

You made it through the bio!! Here is what you really need to know: She is passionate about Jesus, loves her family and people, treasures stories, obsessed with chick fila sauce, loves catchy beats and believes one can't never eat enough tacos!