True Stories seeks to point others to the one thing that matters, Jesus. The purpose is to encourage others through bible stories. It is my prayer that everyone who watches these videos will seek to form a deeper relationship with the Lord and stir up an appetite to study his word and meditate on it daily. God used ordinary people in those days to do great works and he continues to do the same today. I desire for you to know your worth and not count yourself out when it comes to the plans of God. I also desire for others to except their own true story which can be full of hope and freedom through Christ, and to disregard the false stories that the enemy is pitching to us daily.

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Be Brave Enough To Change Your Story

Recently I have been thinking a lot about the stories we tell ourselves and what we believe. Our lives support the story we believe, in other words you will end up playing the leading role to the story you accept. If you see yourself victorious you will most likely be your own hero, or if you see yourself like a victim you will play that role. The good news is we can change that with the help of the Lord and recognize what needs to change. 2016 is going to be a beautiful year, but nothing will change if we keep the same mindset. I strongly believe this is my "year to follow through". Yes…..follow through! I have had many dreams that I want to see come to life, but for years I have been sitting back waiting for God/Superman/Hero for that extra push. The truth is I don’t need an extra push and chances are you don’t either. Many of you out there as well as me know what we are supposed to be doing, and for those of you that don’t, do not stress yourself out. Purpose and dreams can sometimes be found nestled in between the things that bring you joy and the things that make you cry. What are you dreaming about today? I encourage you to go for it!


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 Be Brave Enough To Change Your Story: